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Shaping the Future of Play

The story begins with the founder and his daughter……

Share Every Happy Moment

Share Every Happy Moment!

My daughter is our first child, and she doesn’t have any siblings to play with while growing up. She often expresses her longing for companionship and frequently asks us to take her to the neighborhood playground, where she can interact with other children.

Our neighborhood playground is relatively small, featuring only two swings. It becomes a matter of luck whether she can secure a spot on one. Occasionally, she doesn’t get the chance to play. Despite pretending not to care and sitting on the bench with the other parents, her eyes remain fixed on the children enjoying the swings.


This limitation is a common issue with public facilities – the desire to play and laugh with other kids often clashes with the limited number of available playsets.

At that time, my company, which has been specializing in playset accessories manufacturing, sparked an idea in me. I decided to build a complete playset for my daughter, complete with swings, slides, and a climbing slope on the side.

Witnessing the joy on her face when she first played on her new playset was one of the most cherished moments of my life. I aspire to share this happiness with more families.

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With the continuous development of society, children’s childhood is the most important to most people.  How do you give your children a happy and unforgettable childhood?

Building a playground for your children in the backyard seems like a good choice.  Children can enjoy the joy brought by the swing slide at any time.

No matter how old children are, their happiness is very important.  And for children with disabilities, it seems more difficult than for other children.  For children with disabilities, we also want them to have an unforgettable childhood.  Since 2017, we have increased our donations and care for children with disabilities.  Our goal is to make every child in the world happy.  Kids Happy, All Happy is our eternal purpose!

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