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Indoor Outdoor Garden Kids Gym Trapeze Bar Swing (2)
Indoor Outdoor Garden Kids Gym Trapeze Bar Swing (3)
Indoor Outdoor Garden Kids Gym Trapeze Bar Swing (1)
Indoor Outdoor Garden Kids Gym Trapeze Bar Swing (4)

Indoor Outdoor Garden Kids Gym Trapeze Bar Swing

The Dome Climber is made of high-quality steel, which is rust and UV protection on the surface. It is your kids’ great outdoor playground climbing center for leisure and entertainment. its construction is highly sturdy and can be rest on the top of nest seat.

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Product Name

Trapeze Bar Swing


outdoor playground






yellow, green



Unit Weight



32mmx457mm,chain 43"(Dipping length 21")



This trapeze bar swing consists of galvanized iron chains and PE rings. Strong load-bearing capacity, safe and durable. This Gym Rings Swing Set is able to keep brand-new under harsh weather conditions thanks to plastic-coated swing bar,  chains and rings that all resist rot and rust.

Indoor Outdoor Garden Kids Gym Trapeze Bar Swing (5)

Product Feature

Durable and Long Lasting

Durable and Long Lasting

This product features durable plastisol- coated steel chains and trapeze bar and plastic gym rings for comfort and safety. Don't have to worry about pinched fingers.

Plastic coated swing bars

Plastic-coated swing bars

Plastic-coated swing bars, chains and rings resist decay and rust and remain pristine in harsh weather conditions.Don't let rusty bar and rings smear your bottom and hands.

Swing Set Trapeze Bar

Swing Set Trapeze Bar

Swing set trapeze bar with rings and heavier chains plastic coated.Iron swing bar and PE rings, so you can easily and quickly install the trapeze on any swing set, ceiling or robust branches.

Easy to Intall

Easy to Intall

Simply use the steel chain to select the height that works best for your family and your kids will be swinging and doing flips in no time.

Share Every Happy Moment

Share Every Happy Moment!

My daughter, our only child, often longs for companionship at the small neighborhood playground with limited equipment. To address this, I decided to build a complete playset for her, incorporating swings, slides, and a climbing slope. The joy on her face during the first play made it a cherished moment, inspiring me to share this happiness with other families facing similar challenges.

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