Playground Accessories

Children Toy Telescope

Swing set accessories, plastic binoculars for children. This product can not only be used on the swing set, but also suitable for a variety of scenarios, the telescope installed on any device that does not affect the use of the original product, can bring joy to the child.

To keep the kids safe. Our telescope lenses are made of plastic and do not have magnification function. Our binoculars come in single barrels, binoculars, and a wide variety for you to choose from.

Meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards. Includes hardware. Plastic binoculars for children can enhance children’s imagination. Let the child’s childhood full of happiness.

Kids Plastic Toy Steering Wheel

Easily mounts to most wooden swing sets.This kids playground steering wheel inspires imaginative outdoor play.

Heavy duty materials and a strong durable design ensure this jungle gym wheel will last you and your family for years.

A great addition to any kids outdoor playhouse, this pirate ship wheel gives children a doorway into make believe!

This colorful toy steering wheel comes with all the mounting tools needed for a smooth setup.

climbing holds

kids wall rock outdoor climbing holds

This Climbing Wall Accessory has been built with durable plastic material, to support heavy weight. It has two holes for the metal mounting screws.

It can be drilled into wood surfaces of your playground set. This good quality Steering Wheel Toy will let your kids explore new scenarios.

Full Customization Available. New Designs, colors and materials are up to you.

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