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OEM service

We supply fortune 500 companies and OEM for well-known brands, we also provide every customer with detailed one-stop, professional, and expert-level services, relieving our customer’s concerns.

OEM Service

100%QC Inspection

In order to ensure product safety, our outdoor playset products are 100%QC inspected before shipment. Our products conform with ASTM/EN71/AS8124 children swing standards.

Our Design and Development Team: Focused on Your Needs

Our design and development team is constantly researching and innovating. We consider the preferences of local people and the different needs of each customer to design products that meet your expectations. In our 20+ years in the children’s play product range, we have created hundreds of products for our customers at a cost-effective basis. We are committed to providing high-quality, safe, and engaging products that will bring joy and learning to children everywhere.

Design and development service


Our factory is certified by Walmart/BSCI/Sidex/ISO9001 management andsocial liability norms.
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Features of Kids Land Outdoor Playground Swing Set

swing seat

Swing Seat

single kid swing wholesale price: $9
Multi Child Swings 1

Multi-Child Swings

children outdoor swing wholesale price $20
swing set

Swing Set

outdoor swing set wholesale price: $230

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Recommended scenarios for swing sets usage

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Social Public Area
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Social Public Area
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Living room
Slide 7
Living Room
Children's Playground
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Children's Playground
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What do you want to know about your dream playground?

Design and customize your own backyard swing set

If you have no idea for the time being, or already have your own dream park, welcome to contact us, our professional team to advise you.

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What Our Customers Say

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This is amazing! This is amazing! After I received the goods, I hung it on the tree in front of the door, and the children had gone up to play, and the children had fun.
Slide 2
The product soon received, I put it in front of our home on the beach, a lot of children will go to play for a while, I am very happy.
Slide 3
It's assembled according to the instructions. I'm so excited. Surprise the kid when he gets back from school.
Slide 1
I put it in the community, not only our children play, other small partners also play together, but also enhance the children's friendship. The kids love it.
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How To Work With Us

If you have your own ideas and want us to customize products for you, please click the button below. Leave your email, phone number and requirements. After we receive your request, we will contact you within 1 day, please be patient.

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Browse the website products, where you can see different styles of designs. In the process, have you also imagined the style of your own playground?

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If you have an idea, you can click any contact us button on the website, tell us your needs, and leave your email, phone number and requirements.After receiving your request, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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After communicating with our professional team, if you have a product you like, our business team will give you a quotation.

Arrange delivery

After you receive the quotation, if you are satisfied with our products, we will arrange shipment for you immediately after receiving your advance payment. During this period, if you have concerns about product quality, we can send you samples. Customers who have received our samples say the quality is great!


After delivery and product transportation, we will follow the logistics information throughout the entire process and report the logistics progress to you in a timely manner. We hope that you can receive your favorite playground products as soon as possible.


After receiving the product, we will provide an installation instruction for the product and guide you step by step to install the product. If the product encounters any problems caused by non-human damage, please communicate with us at any time. Our after-sales team is always on standby to solve your worries!

What do you want to know about your dream playground?

If you have no idea for the time being, or already have your own dream park, welcome to contact us, our professional team to advise you.

Choose What Protection We Have

after sale

Kids Land professional swing set manufacturer supplier. Provides one-stop support from product customization, design, production, delivery, after-sales maintenance services, etc.


  1. Our products have undergone strict quality inspection. If there are any problems with your product, you can contact us through the email or phone number below and tell us the problem with your product. We will arrange professional inspection after receiving the information. After-sales personnel will contact you and solve your problem.
  2. If you want to consult about product maintenance, you can check the relevant content of product maintenance from the blog section of our website, or you can contact us through the email and phone number below, and we will tell you the relevant knowledge of product maintenance. .
  3. Regarding the replacement of product accessories, if you don’t know what kind of accessories are of good quality and which swing accessories are suitable for you, contact us and we will recommend products suitable for your child.
  4. We will also provide relevant manuals for product installation and maintenance, and work with customers to care for and maintain the products.


We closely track the logistics and transportation process every step of the way.
From packaging to transportation, every detail is meticulously attended to, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Following dispatch, we closely monitor the logistics process, keeping a real-time eye on the shipment’s progress and promptly updating our customers, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your goods into your hands.

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