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Wholesale SD1 Children Playground Equipment Wooden Outdoor Playground Sets

Summit Rise Play Centre Swing Set. The use of high-quality wood fir. Protect against radiation, wind, rain and insects. Sturdy and suitable for children aged 3-12.

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Summit Rise Play Centre Wooden Outdoor Playground


kid outdoor playground






Chinese Cedar

Summit Rise Play Centre Swing Set

Fun, free standing playset for kids aged 3-12; includes- clubhouse with hardtop roof, swings, trapeze bar, wavy slide,propeller swing, climbing wall, cargo net, activity board and ships wheel with binoculars.

Build a set of outdoor playground for children in the backyard, so that children’s childhood is full of laughter.

Wooden Outdoor Playground Equipment for Children 中间

Product Feature

Wooden Outdoor Playground Equipment for Children 特色1

Activity Panel for Swing Sets,Easily mounts to most wooden swing sets.Durable plastic construction with powder-coated spinners are UV-protected to prevent fading.Brings fun games to your backyard to promote friendly competition.

Wooden Outdoor Playground Equipment for Children 特色2 1

Great Fun Climbing Telescope.The telescope is made of strong colorful durable plastic which is safe for children. Playground telescope comes with base fixing and it has the ability to turn 360 degrees. This sturdy toy telescope mounts on any play set to provide imaginative fun for young pirates, explorers and ship captains.

Wooden Outdoor Playground Equipment for Children 特色3

Molded by premium plastic resin, the ultra-sturdy rock climbing hold with frosted texture. Promotes coordination and builds core body strength.

Wooden Outdoor Playground Equipment for Children 特色4

Unique wave plastic design for speed and comfort.Children's Slide will provide your child with endless hours of imaginative fun.

Wooden Outdoor Playground Equipment for Children 特色5

This swing handle is made of high-quality ABS materials, which is environmentally friendly and safe. At the same time, it has good water resistance and sun resistance. It can be used outdoors under various weather conditions and has a long service life,avoids frequent replacement.

Wooden Outdoor Playground Equipment for Children 特色6

Made of high quality zinc galvanized steel. without breaking apart or getting deformed. Sturdy enough to withstand high weight,with spring-loaded doors to ensure fast and stress-free use.

Share Every Happy Moment

Share Every Happy Moment!

My daughter, our only child, often longs for companionship at the small neighborhood playground with limited equipment. To address this, I decided to build a complete playset for her, incorporating swings, slides, and a climbing slope. The joy on her face during the first play made it a cherished moment, inspiring me to share this happiness with other families facing similar challenges.

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