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Kids Swing Outdoor Rainbow Saucer Swing (1)
Kids Swing Outdoor Rainbow Saucer Swing (2)
Kids Swing Outdoor Rainbow Saucer Swing (3)
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Kids Swing Outdoor Rainbow Saucer Swing

This rainbow-colored saucer swing is made of 900D Oxford Fabric and is waterproof and UV resistant. Perfect for outdoor use by children.

Additional information

Product Name

saucer swing




Polyethylene, Alloy Steel

Item Weight

11 Pounds



SizeFrame Material

Alloy Steel

Maximum Weight Recommendation

800 Pounds

Seat Depth

32 inches

Product Dimensions

32 x 32 x 82 inches



A child who stays indoors watching TV all day only has the opportunity to develop two sensory skills, sight and hearing. Children can develop and hone all seven sensory skills when they play outside, and if your child is interested in playing on a swing, then they will be more willing to engage in other outdoor activities, thereby using their senses and processing everything around them.

saucer swing

Product Feature

630lbs280kg Load Capacity

630lbs / 280kg Load Capacity

This 100cm diameter saucer tree swing is made of high quality parts and meets strict safety regulations for child safety. It has a 280kg load capacity, accommodating 3 children or 2 adults.

900D Oxford Fabric

900D Oxford Fabric

Premium 900D waterproof Oxford fabric is denser than 600D Oxford, less prone to tearing and sagging.

Assembled in 15 Minutes by 1 Person

Assembled in 15 Minutes by 1 Person

It only takes 15 minutes to assemble all the accessories together by 1 person.

Improve Body Awareness

Improve Body Awareness

Swinging affects the vestibular system, which is located deep in the inner ear and is responsible for keeping the body empty and how they respond to gravity. Swinging causes the body to constantly adjust, its understanding of its position, allowing the brain to process and practice holding the body in place against the push and pull of gravity.

Happier Mood

Happier Mood

It has been proven that playing outside improves children's overall mood and health. Children are happier when they are exposed to sunlight and fresh air. Because sunlight stimulates the part of the brain responsible for happy feelings, sunlight does equal happiness! In addition, people who spend time outdoors tend to be happier and have more positive emotions than those who spend time indoors.

Kids Swing Outdoor Rainbow Saucer Swing (6)

Enhance Motor Skills and Coordination

Swinging requires the use of multiple muscle groups at the same time. You must engage your core abdominal muscles to stay centered in the swing, your legs to keep the swing moving, and your arms to hold onto the rope.

Share Every Happy Moment

Share Every Happy Moment!

My daughter, our only child, often longs for companionship at the small neighborhood playground with limited equipment. To address this, I decided to build a complete playset for her, incorporating swings, slides, and a climbing slope. The joy on her face during the first play made it a cherished moment, inspiring me to share this happiness with other families facing similar challenges.

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