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Jakarta,Indonesia- Alex’s Joyland Swing Set

Most of Indonesia is a tropical rain forest climate, characterized by high temperature, rain, small wind, and high humidity. This client in Indonesia found us at the time. There are a few children in their family, but there are not many toys in their children. After seeing the children come back from school, they have no place to play after writing homework, and they are sad. So they started looking for equipment that were suitable for multiple children. They learned about our products, children’s outdoor swing sets. There are many items, and the children can play together, so they contacted us.

After we understand their needs, we first realize the weather problems in Indonesia, high temperature and rain. So we chose to prevent moisture and UV protection materials. Then, according to their needs, this set of children playground equipment was customized for them. Including slide, swing, climbing frame, rockwall with climbing rope,climbing nets, plastic telescope, steering wheel, trapeze bar, etc. At the same time, you can meet 5-8 children to play together.

After they received the goods, we taught them to assemble and strengthen them. Of course, they were also worried about the safety of the product, so they went up to test themselves themselves. Make sure that the children go up and play. The photos they took for us, the children were happy to play on it. They were pleased to see the children’s happy smiles.

Customer satisfaction is the greatest affirmation of us. We are a professional children’s playground equipment manufacturer with 25 years of production experience.Customized a variety of outdoor children’s playground equipment.

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