London, United Kingdom-Saucer Swing

This customer in London, England, bought 500 sets of saucer swings from us. When they first approached us, they had very high material requirements. Then choose several, and then uniform the sample to see the quality of the product.

After we understand the needs of customers, we arrange professional business to meet one-on-one. Understand the story behind customer needs. And according to the needs of customers, under the premise of meeting customer needs, we also put forward our opinions. The customer was very sympathetic to the ideas we put forward. Finally, the customer chose us among six manufacturers.

These 500 swing sets. We from the design, manufacturing, development, testing and other aspects, strictly control every detail, every swing, is through quality testing, to meet the quality standards.

Under the premise of meeting customer needs, we put forward our opinions from a professional perspective, so that customers can be satisfied from all aspects of product quality, safety, price and so on. To make sure our kid swings are loved by our customers.

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