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New York,United States-Web Swing

The United States is our old customer. They buy almost all of their products from us. And they put a lot of trust in us.

They bought swings, slides, trapeze bars, plastic binoculars and steering wheel accessories from us. Customers responded that our products sold very well in their hands. Our nest swing is of very good quality, and the rope of the swing is artificially woven with good quality nylon rope. Moreover, our web swing is fully assembled and shipped, and customers can use it directly after receiving it. Our slides are made of UV resistant plastic. Safe and reliable. The customer is very satisfied with our products.

Getting customer satisfaction is the greatest affirmation for us. After the customer receives the product, we will regularly follow up the situation of the product and solve the problem in time. The customer’s greatest satisfaction with us is to continue to buy back our products.

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