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Blue high back full bucket toddler swing

Toddler bucket swing. PE material, strong and durable. High back full bucket, to ensure the safety of children. Specially designed for infants and toddlers.

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Product Name

toddler bucket swing


outdoor playground








31*29*168mm(with the metal chain)


PE, steel

No matter how old children are, they can go outdoors and play on the swings. Hang this swing from a tree in your backyard, an existing swing, or on your porch. Enjoy the joy of the swing and give your child the gift of outdoor fun with our swing chairs.

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Product Feature

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Bucket seat is constructed durable, high-quality materials. Strong weather resistance, will not deform. The commercial-grade copolymer plastic provides 360 degrees of safety. Ensure children hours of safe fun and years of play.

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It's connected with stainless steel hardware and coated iron swing chains for safety and to prevent rusting. the heavy chains are coated for comfort and safety, and the seat is made of high quality EVA for durability. Protect small hands and fingers.

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The Full Bucket Swing features a high back to keep your children safe and secure while swinging in your backyard.

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Heavy duty materials and a strong, durable design ensure this bucket swing set a long lifetime.

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My daughter, our only child, often longs for companionship at the small neighborhood playground with limited equipment. To address this, I decided to build a complete playset for her, incorporating swings, slides, and a climbing slope. The joy on her face during the first play made it a cherished moment, inspiring me to share this happiness with other families facing similar challenges.

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